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Episcopal Academy Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt

Episcopal Academy Lacrosse Needlepoint Belt


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Our needlepoint belts are 100% hand-stitched with a cowhide leather backing and a solid brass buckle.

Belt Sizing Guide

Option One: Measuring with a Tape Measure 

To identify the most accurate belt size, measure through the individual’s belt loops when they are wearing the pants they plan to wear the belt with and pull the tape measure taut. Please note: pant size does not equal belt size.

Option Two: Measuring Your Existing Belt 

belt sizing guide for Fish Creek Brands: images display that one should measure from the buckles end to the hole they use most when wearing an existing belt they own
Measure an existing belt from where the leather starts to the hole the individual wears the most. If they wear the belt on multiple holes, measure to the larger hole.

Option Three: Add 2 Inches to Your Pant Size 

The easiest way to determine the belt size is to add 2 inches to the individual's pant size. For example, if the individual wears a 36” sized pant, then a 38” belt will be the correct fit. Please take elastic waistbands into account, we highly recommend following options 1 or 2 instead. 

Design Process & Lead Time

Design Proofs: Once an order is placed, we'll follow up via email with an initial design proof in 2 business days then work with you closely to perfect it!

Lead Time: Due to the handmade nature of needlepoint, delivery will take roughly 10-12 weeks. Each of our needlepoint belts has an average of 10,000 stitches, which is all done by hand.

Customer Service

Please email with any questions!

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  • ★★★★★

    "George and the team were extremely responsive and worked with me to create 14 incredible belts for an annual golf trip. 5 stars. Highly recommend."

    - David, Verified Etsy Customer

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  • ★★★★★

    "Gave this belt to my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it! He wears it all time and it has become his go-to belt."

    - Ani, Verified Etsy Customer

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  • ★★★★★

    "Cannot talk highly enough about this belt! Unbeatable craftsmanship, it feels like it will last a lifetime."

    - Ross, Verified Etsy Customer

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